Pure Suction Sweeper 2018-06-15 17:36:40
Pure suction sweeper is divided into the following categories: pure sweep type, suction sweep type, wash sweep type, blow-suction type and pure suction type. The pure suction type sweeper adopts the principle of negative pressure pure suction and consists of a dust collection system, a dust collection box, a secondary dust collection box, a dust recovery system, a hydraulic system, an electronic control system and walking system.

Pure Suction Machine vehicle has changed the traditional way of cleaning with the brush of the sweeper in the past. Dust and garbage are collected and stored using airflow suction, highly efficient. Vacuum cleaners can effectively reduce dust pollution, improve air quality, reduce the content of inhalable particles in the air, and improve people's working and living environment.

1. Easy to operate: Humanized design of the centralized control panel allows the operator to see at a glance and is easy to learn.
2. Operation without dust: pure suction operation, one-way inlet (no back blowing), dust can not come out, and large dust can not float.
3. Dust removal effect is good: inhalation of garbage in the dustbin after multiple dust collection, can achieve the separation of particles and dust.
4. Wide range of applications: Dust, stones, leaves, ore can all be absorbed. It is applicable to cleaning operations and material recovery in various working conditions such as city streets, elevated tunnel bridges, highways, cement coal mines, port ports, metal smelting, and storage runways.
5. No water tank, no water pressure dust, winter use as usual. No need to consider storage heating, water pipe insulation, nozzle clogging.
6. Long fan life: The fan is located at the end of the air duct. Only the clean airflow passes through the fan, there is no extra wear and the fan life is relatively longer.

Scope of application
1. Industrial and mining enterprises that are easy to producing dust pollution, which are high in dust, high concentration and high density.
2. Rapid cleaning of urban viaducts, expressways and bridges and tunnels.
3. Cleaning of urban main roads, high-grade highways.
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